Monday, February 13, 2012

Oh What a Beautiful (Snow) Day!

There's something about the beauty of a white snowfall, brushing across the ground outside that just causes me to revel in God's glory!

We woke up this morning to a fresh dusting of snow, and as the day went on, I watched it continue to fall softly hour after hour. I think we had about four inches when it was finished.

This year we have had no snow days yet, in contrast to last year when we had already had over eight! So...of course we all welcomed the break today. And we will also have one more tomorrow! God is good - sometimes a little extra rest and time to catch up on life is just what is needed - for teachers and students alike!

So how did I spend my snow day? I turned off my alarm and slept until 8:30. (Sad I know - I used to sleep until 10 or 11!) I stayed in my pajamas until 2 p.m. I made coffee then curled back up under my extra blankets in bed to read my Bible and a book. I spent way too much time on facebook. I actually cooked lunch - chili! Mmmmm! And to make the day even more perfect, my roommate and I went outside to play in the snow! Oh how fun to have someone to play and enjoy the snow with this year! Here are some way too many pictures from the day! :) Tonight I'm even accomplishing some important reading I'm behind on in my graduate classes. (With a short blogging break, of course!)

Yay for curling back up under the extra covers! Just a disclaimer - I really do make my bed every morning, but this morning I climbed back INTO bed! :) 

First step after getting out of bed - COFFEE! :) 

Chili for lunch! Mmmm....the picture doesn't make it look as good as it was!

Lots of snow outside!

Snow angel time! :) 

That's one long/tall snow angel! haha 

Yay, roomies! :)

Throwing snow!

I had the fun idea that we should roll down the hill behind our I had to go first while Emily took the picture! haha

Rolling, rolling, rolling...

And finally at the bottom! 

Emily's super cute boots!

We measured a lot of different places, but 4" seemed to be the total!

Heading up another big hill near our apartments to try and "sled" down. We didn't have a sled, so we made one out of a cardboard box...

It didn't work too well, so Emily just came down on her own!

My turn!!

I gave up too...and just turned upside down and kicked my legs up in the air for a picture! lol

We decided it might be fun to put some snow in our faces...

But we decided it would be even better to make snow ice cream!!

It was Emily's first time, and my first time since childhood!

All the ingredients!

Ready to mix...

And the finished some cocoa! Who doesn't love snow ice cream plus a little chocolate added in?!

Emily decided it was yummy!

And I did too! Shhh...don't tell our moms we ate the ice cream before dinner! lol

Hope you all had a blessed and joyful day wherever you were, and that if you had snow you were able to enjoy its beauty and see God's presence as it fell! Happy (almost) Tuesday!

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