Wednesday, February 22, 2012

That Good Memory Feeling...

Sometimes I just stop in a moment and realize how much it reminds me of my past.

This evening is one of those times. I'm sitting in my bedroom with the window open (it's 60 degrees in February!) I'm listening to the news on TV in the background (this isn't something I do every day, but I was actually home in time tonight and thought I'd turn it on and catch up a bit...) And I'm thinking about the evenings at home in the Spring when I was growing up. The days would just be getting longer, so I spent the afternoons playing outside at the babysitter's house, playing outside when I got home, or later, as I grew up, with teammates outside at track practice, then coming home and enjoying that last little bit of light and the warmer temperatures. I would come inside and hear my dad watching the news, and talk to my parents about my day. The only thing missing now is the smell of something creative my mom had come up with for dinner and the conversation that I would enjoy if they were here and not on the other side of the world. As a kid, dinner was often something simple, yet special, because my mom had a unique name for it or "secret" ingredients. Or sometimes it was just a good box of mac 'n cheese, or a frozen pizza...mmmmm...those nights were good too! Tonight I wish I had her chicken and rice to go with the perfect Winter-Spring evening.

Oh how I'm thankful for simple memories...and the family I grew up in!

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