Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Even in the Summertime...

I still love to learn! And I've been meaning to share pictures for awhile now of the conference I went to last week. A man named Chris Biffle created a system of classroom management and effective learning strategies that work wonderfully in all classroom settings, and I got to attend his conference in West Plains last week. If you are a teacher or work with a large group of children, teenagers, or young adults, I really encourage you to check out the website for Whole Brain Teaching! (Click on Chris Biffle's name above.) His system has been proven to work with K-12 AND college-age students. Crazy, huh?

Chris Biffle and Chris Rekstad - teachers and co-founders of Whole Brain Teaching

But I didn't tell you the funniest part! It was a two-day conference, and I planned to drive back and forth each day, but decided to take things to stay overnight "just in case." When I got there, I ran into another group of teachers from my district who happened to be camping out there and invited me to join them for the night. I was so excited to add another adventure to my list from the - here are some pictures of our fun! Teachers in the summertime....gone camping! (Bet you thought I was going to say gone wild, huh? haha)

Home sweet home...we had it so rough! ;)

Marianne was a great fire builder!

She even cooked a lot of the dinner over the fire...she is a multi-talented teacher!

Kathy is excited to show off our yummy dinner and picnic area!

I thought I should try to be "primitive" somehow during the adventure...this is me failing to use a Swiss Army Knife-ish open tuna! haha


Gotta love a good camp fire!

Roasting, toasting, melting away!

Golden brown!

This is how I got the nickname, "Flaming Marshmallow Queen..." Need I say more? haha

Well...I managed to get a shower despite the 5c sign!

We had some high-class facilities...they even had doors and hot water! haha

Twin Bridges Camp Ground

And here are the bridges in the beautiful morning sunshine!

I like to call this one "Rose's Redneck Clothesline" :)

Time to hook it up and go...I was a great "supervisor" haha

Group picture! I had a blast getting to know a couple of these ladies better and spending time with the ones I already knew! They are some wonderful teachers!

Day 2 of the conference - we were smart! We brought our "comfy" chairs and decided to show them off! Note that I kicked Melinda out of the comfy chair so I could stretch out and make it into my throne as "Flaming Marshmallow Queen!" ;)

So this is Rose...she was the owner of the trailer and is a super-animated and fun second grade teacher! Here she is mocking...I mean ummm....practicing "rule #2" from our conference..."Raise your hand for permission to speak!" Don't you love that face?! haha

This one's for my sister...we stopped at a Western store, and I took this picture just for her! She just moved to Kansas and says she is going to find me a cowboy to marry so I will move there too...haha...maybe she can put this one in a personal ad for me!

I really do enjoy being a teacher! And learning all the time...there is always SO much more to learn. Sometimes it is overwhelming trying to figure out where to start with implementing what I learn in my classroom, but I'm trying to take it one day/year at a time. And having fun while I do's to lifelong learning...with a few adventures in between! :) 

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