Friday, July 9, 2010


The. Best. Flip. Flops. Ever. And my first ever post about my opinion of a purchase...

And a Target special, at that! Well...not a "sale" special...but a great buy, for sure! I'll admit, I paid the full $12.99 for them, and mostly because I liked the way they looked.

But also because I had friends who owned flip flops like these that were some fancy brand (possibly only found online) at an expensive price a few summers ago, and had wanted some, but just hadn't made the effort to look them up and wasn't really thrilled about the idea of paying a lot of money for them. Then I saw these at Target this year, and I was pretty stinkin' excited! And after buying them...

I realized how comfortable they really are and how much arch support they have! Totally worth the full $12.99 so much so that I went back to Target and bought an extra pair this week...just in case my others wear out! 

So there you have it friends...a super buy for flip flop season...ah, Summer! 

By the way...I won't be giving up my day job anytime soon to become a foot model or anything, and this is a super random post! But I always enjoy it when other people pass along advice about good deals they've found, and these are at the top of my summer list of favorite things this year! :)


  1. I've always wondered if it is worth it to buy those expensive Tevas or Chacos. Do you think they are comfortable enough to teach in? Or walk around an amusement park for the day??

  2. I have always wondered that about Chacos too. And are Tevas the ones that look like this? I couldn't remember their brand, just that they were kind of like Chacos and pretty expensive. But...I would say these are definitely worth the whole $13, and DEFINITELY good for teaching/walking long distances. I actually wore them to Six Flags last week and walked around the whole day in them...the arch support really helps your feet to feel ok at the end of a long day, and I think it's easier to keep them on with the extra straps rather than just one strap going between your big toe and next toe like regular flip flops. This is all just my opinion, of course...but...I give them an A+ so far!! :)