Monday, July 5, 2010

I have enjoyed sharing my summer with everyone so much! And I feel blessed to have had so much time to travel and enjoy it this year. I can't believe it is going so quickly. But - the next two weeks are an exciting time for me! I am taking a two-week training at UCA in Conway, Arkansas in the Orff-Schulwerk approach to teaching music. This is a three-level training, with one each summer. Last year I completed Level One, and this year I am taking Level Two! It has been great to catch up with friends from last year and meet other new teachers who are here! So...if you don't see any posts for awhile, this is why! Because with the training comes....homework! Yikes! :) But it is also SO worth it for the wonderful training I am receiving and the new ideas I will be able to take back and use in my classroom. I'm looking forward to being the student again for a couple of weeks, playing instruments, singing, and creating music! And if you are thinking, "Orff-what?" you are probably not alone! I'll share more about that with you soon, and hopefully some pictures from my time here! I'll still make time to read other blogs while I'm here, and look forward to updating my own again soon! Have a joyful week!

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