Thursday, July 22, 2010

Sweet Smile

I've been teaching missions at Vacation Bible School this week to three kindergarten classes and one first grade class. It's been fun to share a passion I have with them and hopefully instill in them (in between all their wiggling, whispering, and distractions by the decorative camp fire and "rocks" around the room in our "cave") a curiosity about missions and how they can tell others about Jesus right now!

Today a little girl who had blessed me with her precious smile and sweet spirit all week came to me at the end of the day Worship Round-Up and asked, "Are you a grown-up?" I told her I was, and she said, "Do you have kids?..." I told her, "No, not yet, but one day maybe I will!" After which she just looked up at me for a minute with her precious smile and then gave me a big hug and went back to sit down. I needed that hug today.

I love kids. So much. And God has given me a job where I get to work with them every day during school. How lucky am I?! And I get to sing and dance and play instruments while I do it! I don't always feel "good" at what I'm doing, but I do feel like I do my best to love the kids and to show them that I care. And I think they know that. I would love to have a husband and a family with my own children one day. But for now, I thank God for all the children He has given me to "borrow" and enjoy where I'm at now. And for the examples I see in other friends and family members as they love and raise their children in Godly homes.

"Children are a gift from the Lord..." -Psalm 127:3

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