Friday, July 2, 2010

Summer Fun...Happenin' So Fast! the past month I have been to Branson with a best friend and my "adopted" family, moved my entire apartment from the town I work in to my parents' basement in my hometown, driven to Kansas to visit my sister and her in-laws, driven to Arkansas for a reunion with close friends from college and a mission project with my church there from college, spent two days at home, attended a super two-day teaching workshop where I randomly ended up "camping" with some other teachers from my district who were staying there in a big trailer at a campground, driven home and spent two days there, with one more to go. I'll go to Six Flags on Saturday, sing in the Fourth of July musical at my church on Sunday morning, then head back to Arkansas after church for a two-week music training. Whew! I told you it has been a whirl-wind! But it has been such a blessing and so much fun to just have a to go! This is the first summer since I have been old enough to work that I have not had at least a part-time job. I thought seriously about it this year, but really just didn't have the consistent time to work with all I had already scheduled.

I have so many things I want to write about, but it's so hard to get caught up sometimes! So - I'm going to start by sharing my time with friends in Arkansas...enjoy the pictures, and prepare to laugh a bit! (Also I'm sorry for anyone who might have a slow internet connection...there are soooo many pictures! I'll try to do better tomorrow and have less! And I'm still no good at getting them in the right positions with the words in the right spot, but oh well....)

"Girls Weekend...Gone Arkansas!"

Brownie time! Making sure the batter is ok, first!

Picnic by the river below campus...

Pedicures and pretty feet!

 Lake Degray and a fruit stand on the way to Hot Springs with LOTS of watermelons...ah, summer!

Dressing up for a night on the town! :)

This store is called "No Clothes" haha (They don't sell clothes there, only costume items...I don't know what YOU were thinking!) ;) We had a blast playing dress up! But...I'm not so sure blue is really my color for hair...haha
The Arlington - a beautiful historic hotel in Hot Springs with live music and swing dancing on the weekends...a favorite hang-out during college!

Enjoying live music and dancing....Alyse was a good teacher! :)

Downtown Perspective at Night...

Starting Sunday morning off Donut Palace, of course! (Another favorite memory from college!)

Visiting one of our favorite couples - Mr. Will and Mrs. Janie Thompson (Mrs. Janie made us feel extra welcome with her special plate!) 

The Schleiffs - another of our favorite couples in Arkansas - retired missionaries and an encouragement to ALL of us!

Love this one!

Good conversations...

My first four-wheel ride ever...what an adventure!

Amanda even let me drive!

Amanda shared her Nana with us...she taught us how to make her famous hush puppies and shared her beautiful homemade necklaces with us....what a treat!

A walk around "twin" picture in the hallway of "Important People" who gave lots of money to the school...and Alyse showing off the old bridge that will be gone soon :( 

Yay! Sara also got to join us for a bit (in the middle), and check out our super Arkadelphia t-shirts...we look like real tourists now! haha

I love these girls...SO much! We may be separated by states...(Alabama, D.C., Arkansas, and Missouri...), but we will forever be friends! I am blessed to have friends like these!!


  1. Sure looks like you are having a wonderful summer! Enjoy it!!!

  2. this looked like a lot of fun. your hard work and motivation are paying off, you're looking super cute and fit in all these. :) I'm glad you're finally FINALLY taking a summer off ;) and I'm glad you're my sister. Love you!

  3. Especially the one where I'm shoving the chocolate covered donut in my mouth, right?! ;) haha Thanks! I'm pretty glad you're my sister too, and yes...I do believe a wise older sister of mine has tried to convince me at least once or twice to take "a summer off..." :) It's been SO fun, even though it has felt a little crazy with all the traveling. But - I want to come back to Kansas and see you guys again sometime...I miss it there! (Now's your chance to look like mad for that cowboy, I just said I missed Kansas...haha) Love you too!