Friday, September 3, 2010

I was unpacking some boxes the other day, and I found my "world stuff" box with some things I've collected from around the world and my picture c.d.s. I found this one on my c.d. from Brazil, and I really loved it. These children were precious. And they stole my heart when I was there. In the background is the boat that I called home for 10 days. Our team slept on the top deck in hammocks each night while traveling down the river then stopped on the shore at different villages each day or couple of days and got off to meet the people there. We served through health and dental clinics, VBS, and construction work. Our pastor baptized over ten people! Some new believers were baptized on the very beach where head hunters made sacrifices just fifty years before. We met Indian people groups who had never been visited by a group of outsiders before. I swam in the Amazon (long enough to get a picture and then hop back on the boat!), I walked in a jungle. I went alligator hunting one for real in a little motor boat in the dark with some native Brazilians and a couple team members. (Thank goodness we didn't catch anything!) I saw piranha (from a distance in a bucket!), and I experienced amazing joy and fullness from the Lord as I served each day. I pray I will continue to be filled with the joy and fullness of the matter where I'm serving!

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