Monday, September 27, 2010

Randomness in Letters...

Dear Pants, Thank you for fitting more loosely today when I tried you on than you have in the past four years and in previous seasons when I wore you. I am starting to notice those 23lbs that are gone now! Yet another pleasant surprise.

Dear Arkansas, I miss you. Like a lot. I'm homesick for my friends, family, college, and church there. I hope I can visit soon, but that budget thing might be a problem...we'll see.

Dear God, Thank you for that, "aha" moment today. Even though in my mind it didn't really make sense or seem possible before, maybe it really could be. Help me not to worry or overthink, but to give it to you and focus on the big picture right now, one day at a time.

Dear World, Music is a subject requiring instruction as well. When you request special events that occur during the school day to be during specials time so that "instructional time" is not kind of offends me. I have a college degree (with 201 hours!) and a curriculum to teach too, plus I do 537 common assessments every quarter instead of 30. I admire and am so thankful for the time you spend with one group of students all day and the hard work you put into helping them grow and succeed, as well as dealing with many stresses I don't (grading papers, parents, MAP testing, etc...) So, I will now kindly leave my soap box. I typically take these comments with a grain of salt and know they aren't meant how they sound...but I do firmly believe Music is an important and worthwhile subject as are P.E., Art, Guidance, and Library and have a passion for using interdisciplinary teaching as much as possible!

Dear Sleep, I like you. A lot. We should meet more often and visit longer. Every morning I count the days until Saturday, when I can visit you, uninterrupted by the annoying ring of an alarm clock.

Dear Africa, You are part of my heart forever. And part of my heart is yours. I have faith that one day I will be back to visit the people, culture, and continent that I fell in love with four years ago.

Dear School Year, I really do love teaching. I love that I get to see 537 kids every day and hopefully make a difference in their lives. This year is a challenge, but one day at a time I am facing you, with God's help. He is faithful to renew me each morning and gently shape me into the woman He has created me to be. I have a complete peace and contentment in knowing I am exactly where HE placed me this year. But...will I ever feel prepared or ahead? I feel like I'm barely treading water, every day, and I'm getting tired!

Dear Fall, You are my favorite season, although when Spring comes, I sometimes almost count it a close tie. I love your colored leaves, cool weather, jeans and sweatshirt days, football games (ok, mostly marching bands!), holidays, pumpkin cookies, bread, and coffee creamer (ok pumpkin everything!), and Saturday morning yard sales. I hope you'll settle in soon!

Dear Band and Choir, I miss you too. A lot. I secretly long for the chance to sing a Mozart Requiem in a 100 person ensemble again with hours of practice and amazing voices surrounding me. Sometimes "Down By the Bay" and "Zudio!" just don't cut it, although I enjoy singing those with my kids too. I miss those hot afternoons and early mornings marching around with a ten-ton (ok almost ten-ton) drum strapped on. Those are some of my best memories!

Dear Friend, I'm listening to God, and I know He has plans far better than any I could ever make. I just wish I didn't try to make so many anyway! But you are one of my favorite people ever!

Dear Blog, I really love to write, though I don't claim to be great at it. I promise to think of something else/make time to write about something more meaningful soon. I hope. Maybe I shouldn't promise. Until then, these letters will have to do!

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  1. I love your letters! :0) They made me smile this morning!