Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dear Beatrice...

You are the best red car a girl could ask for. I like all the memories I have from the road trips we've taken together, the last year and a half of college you spent with me, the kids you've hauled around while I was babysitting, and the many, many, many trips to and from work we're making this year. I think it's only appropriate that you hit your 100,000 mile mark on a trip to Arkansas! Not just everyone has a car special enough to type a letter to on their blog! lol Here's to another 28 car payments and 100,000 more miles, right?! (After all, I did see a billboard on our trip home today that said "80% of Toyotas made in the past 20 years are still on the road today...") -Signed, Your Faithful Road-Trippin', Adventure Takin' Music Teacher, Me! 

P.S. Every special car needs a name, right? haha Well, in case you were wondering, (and even if you were not!) Beatrice got her name from the boat I rode down the Amazon River on during my Brazil mission trip in college. It was called The Beatrice, and I decided that taking road trips together in my red car was almost as exciting as riding a big boat down the Amazon...almost, thus the shared name! :) 

What's your favorite car/road trip/driving memory?

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  1. You know, as a general rule I don't like road trips, I'd MUCH rather fly. My back always hurts and I generally get bored during road trips. BUT...I did just realize (on my trip to AR) that road trips by myself (or maybe with another adult) are WAY more enjoyable than road trips with kids. Although I do enjoy pointing out interesting things along the road to them, the peace and quiet, being able to stop only when you want to, etc. is much better on an adult only road trip!