Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Inside a Music Teacher's Head...

It can be quite a crazy place if you're not used to it! haha

Here are just a few things constantly running through this music teacher's head:

"A sailor went to sea, chop, knee, tap, ooowachiwada, to see what he could see, chop, knee, tap, oowachiwada, but all that he could see, chop, knee, tap, oowachiwada, was the bottom of the deep blue sea, chop, knee, tap, oowachiwada!"

"My mother did a tell me that you go mango walk, you go mango walk, you go mango walk, my mother did a tell me that you go mango walk, and eat all the number 'levens!" (complete with Jamaican accompaniment music playing while the words run through! haha)

"Wiggle like a wiggle worm, stand like a statue" (complete with motions...)

"Ta, ta, tiri-tiri, ta....ti-ti, ti-ti, ta-ah....ta-a-a-ah, tiri-ti, tiri-ti, ti-ti, ta"

"You missed a beat..." (You'd have to be there for this one, but it's a program called "Music Ace" we use in class with the Smart Board, and there is a little old man who tells us what to do and has a funny accent...sometimes he gets impatient! haha Pronounce that as, "Youuu meeesed ah beeeet!")

"Who stole the cookies from the cookie jar?"


"Where are my stickers again? Where did the marker go? What did this group do last week? Which one of my 22 classes is coming next? Did I document that? Who just went to the restroom? How many kids did I have again? Oh yes, one is missing..."

"Stand up, sit down, don't run, please sing, echo me, sit-up, yes, no, raise your hand, listen and sing, one, two, ready, go..."


Sometimes I even break into random motions to go with each song...see the Wiggle Worm/Statue line above...and if you suddenly see me "wiggling" down the street and freezing like a statue, you'll know why!

And oh, I'm sure there are many more things going through this mind of mine, but...at the beginning of a crazy day, when I see the smiles on those kiddos' faces, and they jump off the bus, run to me, give me hugs, and say, "Miss VINEGAR!" I fall in love with all the silly things running through my mind again, and it's all worth it! :)

Promise not to hold it against me when I break into song mid-conversation?...

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