Thursday, October 14, 2010

Today I'm wishing a happy birthday to my favorite man in the dad!

I feel so blessed to have grown up in a Christian home with supportive parents, and a father who loved me, cared for me, provided for me, and taught me so much!

I love my dad because...
He is a hard worker.
He trusts the Lord with his whole heart, even when life is full of challenges/sorrows.
He is brave. (He did move with my mom to another country for two years, recently, after all, plus many other brave things he has done in his life!)
He is so very intelligent and talented. He has built several of the houses we've lived in, almost earned a degree in electrical engineering and can do electrical work, works on cars, understands a lot of ocmputer things, manages finances, and, well...the list goes on!
He cares...about our family, and about others. He is a social worker and has worked with children, adults, and teens in many different walks of life, but currently serves the soldiers at our local military base, helping them through the choices they have made dealing with substance abuse. It's a hard job, but he gives it his all.
He is silly...meaning there are plenty of corny jokes to go around, among other "silliness."
He is wise. (Yes, I confess, when you are a "grown-up" you have a little better insight into just how wise a parent is...haha)
He is tall.
He DAD! :)
*(There are so many other things I could put here, but then I would be up all night, and yesterday I talked about time, so I'm going to stop for now!)

Meet my family! We were finally all together again, which happens rarely these days! I'll let you guess which one our dad is...(please refer to the comment about him being "silly" above! haha)
Back row L-R: Sister-in-law Kristin, brother Mark, their son Lane, brother Bryan
Second to back Row L-R: Mom, Dad, Sister Kimberly (and baby Benjamin who hadn't quite made his entrance into the world of family pictures yet...he was born a few weeks later!), brother-in-law Ken
Third to back Row L-R: Niece Kaylee (Bryan's daughter), Sister Carrie, ME!, Niece Megan (Bryan's daughter)
Front Row L-R: Nephew Elijah McAdams, (Kim and Ken's son), Niece Abigale McAdams (Kim and Ken's daughter), Chelsea (Bryan's daughter), Hannah (Bryan's daughter), Sarah Grace (Bryan's daughter), and Laura (Mark and Kristin's daughter)

That's right, case you lost count, I am the youngest of five kids, and I have seven nieces and three nephews. Yes five of the girls belong to Bryan and his wife Melissa (who was unable to come for the picture b/c she works as a nurse on weekends), bless their souls! haha I love my big family and wouldn't have it any other way! Which is good, since I was born last and don't have much of a choice! :) I'm the BABY!! 

This was taken on New Year's Day 2008 in Okinawa, Japan. I got to go and visit my mom and dad during my last college Christmas break while they were living there. Again, refer to the "silly" comment above! ;) haha

When I was little, my parents used to tease me about "whose girl I was..." because I was (and probably still am) very much a Mama's girl. But...on special occasions, I sometimes agreed to be "Daddy's girl" as long as he wouldn't tell Mom! ;) So...I guess today I'll be your girl! But just today! And here's hoping Mom doesn't read this blog post! haha 

Happy Birthday, to the best dad in the whole world!! I love you!! 

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