Saturday, October 23, 2010

Home Sweet...

Arkansas! (I'll confess that I actually cheered inside when I saw the sign! And yes, I pulled the car over to take the picture...I thought I'd better not meet the Lord, just yet! haha)

This truly is my second home. I spent five years there in college, and who knew I would love it so much? God blessed me with so many friends, "adopted family members," and a church family while I was there. I had a wonderful education at Ouachita Baptist University, and studied with professors who cared about us, were very experienced in their professions, and challenged me to grow as a person and as a musician. This weekend I am visiting for Homecoming, and my heart is already feeling full! :)

Tonight I stopped in Little Rock for dinner and some catch-up time with a friend who recently moved back to Arkansas. It was such a blessing and encouragement to just spend time talking, listening, laughing, and praying together. God has really been working in both of our lives this year, and He isn't finished yet! Love you, friend!

I'm staying with one of my favorite families from church...they have been kind enough to open and share their home with me many times over the past seven years (has it already been THAT long?!), and I lived with them for three summers during college. They continue to encourage me, even from a state away!

Tomorrow I will see the marching band (and miss that rush of being out on the field with my drum...), catch up with my SAI (music fraternity) sisters, and hopefully run into other friends.

Sunday I will worship at my church (where I will visit my favorite senior adult ladies' Sunday School class!) and eat Sunday lunch with my family from church and other guests before heading back.

My heart has been longing for a visit...thank you Lord for the opportunity to head South for a weekend of family, friends, encouragement, and memories! :)

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