Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Have I told you my new name?...

You heard it here first, friends...Miss Vinegar. Yep, I can't help it. It's so cute coming from the mouth of an ambitious (and super ornery but very bright) kindergartener, that I can't correct it.  :)

I just love my kiddos. All of them...even the tough ones. Although I wish I were more effective at managing them/providing discipline/boundaries/choices...but it's coming with time. A kindergarten teacher told me on Friday that her kids gave me the nicest compliment. They were having a class discussion about teachers who are respectful to them and they enjoy a lot...and someone said, "Don't forget Miss Whitaker!" It felt good to be considered a "respectful" teacher who cares about them a lot.

Today my fourth graders put three rhythms together. It sounded SO cool...really simple rhythms, but they just fit together, and we were "jammin'!" haha (It was especially fun with the new drums we have this year through the grant I won last Spring!!)

Thank you to all of you who voted for my project at Limeades for Learning online last month....it was funded! We now have 19 new pairs of mallets for our classroom instruments. What a blessing! I have another project listed, and there are three days left to vote, so please try to help that one get funded too! It is called "We Love Reading- Reading to the Beat!" I'm requesting hand drums so my whole class can play together, and incorporate literacy with music! Just go to www.limeadesforlearning.com and click on "Find a Project""Location" (Missouri) then "City" (Ft. Leonard Wood). You'll see my project listed there. You can vote with multiple e-mail addresses, and it's free! You just have to log into your e-mail and verify if it's your first time to vote. Thanks again!! :)

Happy Wednesday, world!

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