Wednesday, October 20, 2010

One of my kids said something SO funny...

on Tuesday. And then I forgot to write it down! (Sorry to disappoint you by putting that title, then letting you down! haha) I wish I could remember everything they say! I mean, lucky am I that I have 550 kids to say funny things this year instead of just 300? There are benefits to teaching a ginormous number of kiddos, right? Gotta look on the bright side! Oh well, good thing there are three quarters left of school to hear more funny things!

I'm thinking it's time for a little bit of a blog makeover. I wish I could find and use a cool background like everyone else has! I've searched online to find some but never seemed to be able to make them work. I would also like a cool signature. Then I could feel all official-like, right?

Tonight I experienced "Judgement House" at my church for the very first time! It is an awesome ministry my church shares every year in October and has for the past few years. Wow. I admit I was nervous to go. I thought it might make me sad. Or scared. Or that I might just laugh out of nervousness. was so worth going. And from today-Saturday night there will be literally over a thousand people who walk through the tour and see the message of Jesus in a whole new way. The event is free, and you can call to schedule a group tour, or even an individual spot, or you can walk-in, but may have to wait awhile to be placed with a group. I encourage anyone who is near Waynesville and able to go, to take some time to walk through. It takes about one hour.

Basically, you walk through a drama, with each room being a different scene from the story. When you get to the very last room, it is "Heaven," and there is just something about it. It's not cheesy, or fake, or are standing on a golden walkway, seeing children of God surrounding you, and Jesus before you. He comes to each and every person in the group, looks you in the eyes, and speaks to you as if you are really there. To me He said, "I am so proud of you." I know there is no way we can ever know what Heaven will be like until we get there, but God does promise us we will have new life, filled with abundant freedom from pain, sorrow, and burdens of this world. What a glorious eternal future we have to look forward to...if we only choose to trust in the Lord! There is also a "Hell" scene. This one is hard. It really portrays how dry it will be there, spiritually, physically, and eternally. We will not have a second chance to believe and leave there once we die. The Bible also tells us those who are in Hell will be there eternally. God wants us to experience His full love and eternal freedom. He wants us to step forward on Judgement Day and hear our name that is written in His Book of Life. I pray God will give me a broken heart and eyes to see those who have chosen not to follow Him, do not know how to follow Him, or feel unworthy of following Him. I long to take His truth and love to the nations. And above all, I left the evening knowing beyond a doubt that if I were to die tonight, I would be spending an eternity with my Heavenly Father.

Will you?

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  1. Never fear, big sister is here. Next week I will help you with your blog-over. :)