Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Chasing Rabbits...

In August my church decided to have a small group study on Sunday evenings instead of a regular service. We studied the book, "The Christian Atheist," and it was excellent, challenging, and a very good read. At some point this year I wrote about how I sometimes have trouble committing to a book or Bible study and finishing the whole thing...but this time I finished the entire book! But the main thing I want to share about here is my small group! The church enlisted leaders for the study, then members could choose which group to join. I chose a group our music minister and his wife were leading with the desire to spend more time with them and know them better. Little did I know about the rest of the group God had in store for me...

It was lots of fun getting to know each of these people. There are a few ladies who weren't there tonight, and another who snuck out of the picture. We had lots of laughs, fellowship, good food, and discussion together! Yes, I was obviously the youngest - (the teenager in the picture is the daughter of the couple who hosted us tonight, but not a part of our group, so she doesn't count as youngest!), but no one seemed to mind. And I didn't mind learning from their experiences, wisdom, and stories either...especially when we got to laugh together...and chase rabbits. Lots of them. So many of them that our leader, Pastor Brian, printed out a picture of Elmer Fudd hunting for Bugs Bunny, and when someone led us off topic, they got to hold the picture. I actually never got a turn to hold the picture, but it was because I was so busy soaking up all the great stories. 

These ladies were kind of the life of our group. I loved hearing of their adventures (and minor mishaps) together, and their wisdom from many life experiences I have yet to encounter. They remind me of characters from a book, and I think if there was a book, it would be a best seller! I have no idea what had just been said here, but I do LOVE the expressions on their faces, including Pastor Brian, standing behind them. These pictures truly capture their personality. 

It seems like where ever I go to church, I always wind up sharing in some kind of group with older adults. And I like that. (Of course, by older, I mean more than 25 because that's how old I am and sorry to those of you who fit that "older" label...I know you're all young at heart!) I'll be honest and say it is hard not to have a group of friends my age, and I often wonder if that will ever be a possibility anywhere I go...it seems young Christian singles, and even just young Christian people in general are few and far between where I'm at. So, while I long for friendships with others my age...I also treasure the opportunities God gives me to learn from and grow with others who are filled with wisdom and life experiences to share...even when it means going "off topic" and "chasing a few rabbits" at our study once in awhile! :)

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