Wednesday, December 29, 2010

No Reason, Really...

For having two blog posts in one day, except...I'm a little picky sometimes...and I want my year to end with 110 posts and not gives me one more for each of the days left after today!

I entered a photo contest yesterday! Just for fun! I don't expect to win or anything, and don't claim to be a great photographer - I don't even have a fancy camera, just a small digital...but I do love taking pictures! Anyway, it is a Christmas contest, and I just googled "Christmas photo contests" and found one that was free and seemed pretty small and low key. There are ten categories, and you can enter three pictures, so I entered one in the "decorations" category, and two in the "artistry" category for random pictures that just capture the season. We'll see what happens...Judging starts Jan. 7th, and they'll post the pics in a slideshow on their website during the judging. The three I entered are from the collection a few posts below this one! :) I entered the bells below the tree, the sprinkled pretzels, and a the third picture of the vanilla my sister made with the red towel and green bow.

I don't have many shows on t.v. I love, but for some reason...I'm a Gilmore Girls fan. I own all seven seasons, and have watched them all I started again over the break, and I'm enjoying the middle of Season One right now. There's just something about curling up in fuzzy pajama pants, drinking coffee, watching your favorite show, and being lazy on a vacation day!

I actually mailed all my Christmas cards before the New Year this time! That's really good for me! haha...I still have two or three addresses to get, but at least those cards are written, sealed, stamped, and ready to go!

Speaking of photos...I have SO many digital ones saved on CD and my computer...I need to print them one day and work on my scrapbooks. Unfortunately it's always one of those, "when I have time one day..." projects that just keeps getting put off!

Tomorrow I'm going with one of my best friends to try on wedding dresses! Well, she'll be trying them on, not me! haha I'm going to be her maid of honor this summer, and I'm really excited! It will be fun to watch! Other than looking for dresses for my sister (who was still in China at the time...but that's another long story for another day!), and watching t.v. shows like "Say Yes to the Dress," I've never gotten to watch anyone try them on before. I hope I'm a good helper!

I'm not ready to go back to school yet. There are so many things I was going "to do" that I haven't even started yet. It's just so hard to be motivated when you know with all your heart it is supposed to be vacation time. I don't completely regret this though, because I have really and truly enjoyed the time relaxing, seeing family and friends, and doing nothing. Hopefully I'll be ready by Tuesday! I really want to look forward to going to work this semester, but I'm still not sure...please pray for me if you think about it!

Oh, speaking of work - here are a few funny pictures from our "Tacky Sweater Day" we had the last Monday before vacation! I didn't have time to find a sweater, so I wound up borrowing some things from our tree and attaching them to a sweater from my mom's closet. Oh was fun anyway!! haha

Gotta love the earrings...they were actually a beautiful gift from a friend's trip to Rwanda earlier this year, but they added just the right touch to this sweater too! :) Unfortunately I forgot to put them on for school! 

The sweater on its own special hanger! A little lopsided there, think that bow was a little heavy? 

So I wanted my Christmas socks to show too...and I definitely rolled up my pants was a, uh, special style for sure!

One of my favorite co-workers....Christy! She had on a Twelve Days of Christmas sweater!

Some more fun sweaters...the three teachers in the middle made a reindeer together - love working with those girls! Too much fun! haha Our principal is on the far left in the lovely green snowman sweater! :)

That's quite a collection of uh....tacky apparel! haha

They had us all line up for the "voting," and when it was our turn we could step out and try to get people to make the most noise for our sweater...I decided to dance around and show off my socks too! 

Ready for the judging! 

The reindeer!

The best looking young teachers in our building, of course! 

Yes, my third grade Christmas program was that evening, and in case you were wondering - I did wear the sweater to the program too! haha

And of course, I had to have a picture in my classroom was a fun day! 

Well, I guess that's about all for this two-post day! Happy Wednesday, and rest of the week to you!


  1. What tacky sweaters!!!

    Do you have other favs besides Gilmore Girls? I wasn't really into it. But I do love watching DVD series and relaxing mid day with a blanket on the couch, so I think I need to find another series! We usually buy a series on Amazon for the lowest like new price and the resell it for about the same price if we dont' want to keep it. It is a great system so far, better than netflix!!

    I think you might need to stretch tomorrow before doing wedding dress shopping. Those dresses are heavy! And friends always have to carry them around for the bride! Also, you should bring bottled water because you get really thirsty when wedding dress shopping, for some reason!

    I hope you have a great day of vacation!

  2. Hi! Gilmore Girls is the first series of any show I've ever owned, and it still seems odd to me to own a whole t.v. series, let alone all of the seasons. was one of those "un-needed" but on a great sale and just for fun purchases, and I'm glad I made it! As for other favs...I don't know that I have any other shows from past or present I like well enough to purchase, although I think I would definitely be willing to rent some seasons of shows like The Office or old classics like Full House or Saved By the enjoy watching several series a friend owns when we get together too - like Law and Order, Medium, Without a Trace, Friday Night Lights, and King of the Hill (if we just need some mindless t.v.) So...I guess that's the extent of my t.v. series watching! I might have to try the Amazon idea, though, if I find another series I really enjoy! It does sound very practical yet fun!

    Thanks for the wedding dress shopping advice! It definitely made sense to me. Unfortunately, Brandy was sick this week, and had to cancel her appointment! :( We were both disappointed, but also both knew trying to stand up and try on dresses for a few hours at low-energy, nauseous status would not be a fun idea at all. But...I'm sure there will be other fun appointments to come! I can't wait!

    I hope you're enjoying your new year so far! Thanks for commenting...your comments always sound so well thought out and written! :)