Saturday, December 11, 2010

Even though it's been a tough year so far, and I still don't feel like I can figure out what is making me feel so frustrated and challenged in my job, when I look at pictures like these...I think about how much I love my kids. I see each one and think about their personality, and how the pictures reflect that. It bothers me so much that I STILL don't know all my kids yet this year because there are just so many. When a lot of them come, I still look at them and go...what is your name? But...maybe by May I'll know them all...just in time for summer vacation! ha Anyway, I got to take a group of kiddos to sing Christmas songs on the radio this past week, and it was fun! Here are a couple of pictures from our field trip to the radio station!

I love kids. So much. God has given me a heart for them, and a passion for loving them. (Even though some are easier than others to love...we're all difficult to love sometimes, but God still love us ALL unconditionally!) I feel so called to my passion for kids, and I really do feel like I'm supposed to be teaching, even teaching music...I just wish I could find that place where I feel successful and effective while doing that job. These kiddos are just a few of the 540 God has called me to teach, serve, and love this year. What an awesome responsibility that is...even on the hard days. 

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