Thursday, December 9, 2010

A Little Sparkle...

Sometimes you just need a little sparkle in your day...or your week...or your year.  =)
So...when I saw these shoes at the mall on Saturday, I decided it would be fun to splurge on a little "sparkle." 
Apparently I was the talk of the school after I wore them on got lots of compliments, and a Kindergarten teacher told me her kids couldn't stop talking about my shoes after they came back from music class for the afternoon - even the boys! =) So, I like to think I added a little sparkle to someone else's day too!

And, since last week was a little hard...ok, maybe a LOT hard...I think I'll share a few "sparkles" from this week...

Two of my favorite ladies in the world celebrated mom and one of my big sisters, Carrie! Happy Birthday to them...I should make a whole separate post about them, and I probably will sometime! I love them LOTS!! :)

I took a group of second graders to sing Christmas music live on the radio today. This was my third year to take a was fun, and I was so proud of them! 

I woke up Tuesday morning looking forward to going to school for one of the first times all year. I don't know what was different, but I think I actually felt like I had set plans for the week, and I was excited about a really fun listening activity using paper plates with my Kindergarteners! It sounds a little crazy, but it was REALLY fun. We used paper plates to keep the beat and move with Tchaikovsky's Nutcracker music - the Russian Dance. They loved it! 

I lost 2lbs at Weight Watchers this week. Last week I lost 3.4 lbs. (These were pounds I had gained back a few weeks before Thanksgiving, but since Thanksgiving I have lost the 5 lbs I'd gained back, and now I'm on my way to continuing the steady process...) 

I've been reading a Psalm every day, and I am at Psalm 119 now. It is such a wonderful book, and this is an encouraging and challenging chapter. I would love to memorize the whole chapter, little by little. I'm reading more and more lately...I finished the Gospels earlier in the Fall, Proverbs and Ecclesiastes a few weeks ago, and have SO much more to read! But, the greatest part is how excited my heart is about reading...right now I feel like I'm reading so quickly because I want to read it all...but I'm also trying to go slowly enough to study what I'm reading. I know after I've read through the whole Bible, I will go back and study books and chapters more in-depth. 

I saw a pretty sunrise in the clouds this morning on my way to work. 

I watched The Sing Off last night on NBC for the first time, and I REALLY love that show! I've never gotten into American Idol much, or Dancing With the Stars, or other shows like that, which most people think is weird since I'm a music teacher...sometimes I like America's Got Talent...but for some reason, I love this one! I think all the groups do such an exceptional job at creating, interpreting, expressing, and singing the songs they choose in their own unique style, and I'm so impressed with their harmonies and a capella abilities! I love, love, love it! :) 

My third graders have a program on Monday evening. It is always challenging with individual classes wondering if they really know the music and if the programs will come together...until you combine the whole grade, and somehow - everything does come together! My kiddos really impressed me today, and I'm excited for Monday night! 

Ok, here is my best news of all...I have health clearance! If you don't know what this means, to make a long story short, I have to have absolute health clearance before my application can be fully considered for the overseas position I began applying for in March through the Journeyman program. This was a very lengthy process, and has taken since October to happen. It is the very last step I had to cross before the company could fully consider inviting me to the interview conference. I wait again. Which is still hard. least I know I'm on the last stretch. God is good all the time, and I know He will be faithful to direct me in His timing... 

Happy Friday to everyone...enjoy your weekend, and find something that makes YOUR day sparkle! :)

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