Friday, March 16, 2012

Spring Break Fun!

Can you tell Springtime is here?! 

I could spend all day looking at the beautiful blooms God is painting the trees with once again!

This year Spring Break fell at the perfect time! The weather has been BEAUTIFUL! 
In the 70s all week with plenty of sunshine, and only a little rain. 
And with that kind of weather, who couldn't resist a little outdoor fun? roommate and I packed up and headed to St. Louis for a day-trip on Tuesday!

First stop - World's Largest Rocking Chair...just a few miles past my hometown! 
(We resisted the urge to stop just for kicks at the Vacuum Cleaner Museum there, 
but we'll make it one of these days! haha)

Also a perfect day for a picnic lunch outside at Forest Park! 
I'm SO excited it's time to bring out my Chaco sandals, painted toenails, and shorts again!
I also decided to be a little silly and adventurous and "climb" the tree we ate underneath! :) 

We saw lots of animals out enjoying the sunshine! 
Hippos, penguins, camels, and zebras, among many others! 
Well...the penguins weren't in the sun, but they were enjoying their cool, indoor habitat!

We're both teachers, so of course we ALWAYS follow the rules...*ahem* ;)

More beautiful and amazing color, up close!

Ok - so I'm lookin' a little over-enthusiastic about the sea lions, I admit. 
But I have a friend who says they are the most "underrated" in the animal kingdom.
Everyone always goes to see them at the zoo, but when you ask people what their favorite animal is, no one ever says sea lions. What's up with that?! 

And finally - what better way to end a fantastic day than St. Louis' own Ted Drewe's Frozen Custard?!
Apparently it is quite a staple around there...and E was nice enough to introduce me to it!
I may have to plan another visit there soon, when summer comes! :)
(Don't tell our moms we ate ice cream before dinner again! haha)

I'm thankful God has given me a week off to rest, relax, play outside, have fun, read what I want to, spend time with friends, and so much more! I also got to visit my siblings and their families in Springfield the first weekend, and my aunt in St. Louis area this weekend! We even fit in a dinner with our two adopted-international students in Rolla! I don't regret staying in the area and not traveling too far at all. Sometimes a break is just what is needed to refresh my heart and prepare me to go back and be the best I can for my kids at school each day. I can honestly say I'm looking forward to heading back on Monday, but I'm really looking forward to Summer vacation now! 

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