Sunday, March 25, 2012

Sunday Afternoon Confessions From Wal-Mart

1- You know you've put off grocery shopping too long when you run into a wonderful co-worker and mother from school who comments about how your carts are "backwards..." hers (for a whole family) holding three or four bags, and mine (for just me) overflowing! lol

2- I seriously considered asking the man behind me if I could go to his house and eat dinner tonight when I saw some kind of good looking meat and a bag of charcoal on the counter behind my groceries...Mmmmm....barbecue! I wish I had a grill - and knew how to use it!

3- The "sample" people got me today. But really - who couldn't resist buying fresh fruit after one man served little cups of strawberries and the woman served a cup of shortcake covered in blackberries, strawberries, and whipped topping? I did not give in and buy the whipped topping and shortcake, although it was very tempting! I did, however, go back for strawberries and least the samples today were healthy influences, right? :) Mmmmmm....further evidence that summer vacation needs to get here and SOON! I'm already craving fresh fruit, ice cream, grilling (anyone with a grill want to be become good friends this summer? lol), and so much more!

4- I didn't buy anything from the clearance aisle! lol

5- I might have bought a few things that weren't on my list...

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  1. We went to wal-mart last weekend and bought a small charcoal grill. Dinner was so yummy that night!~