Thursday, March 22, 2012

Random Letter Thursday

Another random letter blog entry...after all, it has been awhile since I've had a letter entry...and I promise these are as random as always - so here's a little of what's floating around inside my mind right now...

Dear Spring - I'm so glad you're here. Your beautiful weather, flowers, blooms, trees, and sunshine make my days feel so bright!

Dear Daylight Savings Time - I am glad you came! First - I'm glad you happened over Spring Break so I could get used to the change...and second - the extra daylight makes me feel like I can conquer the world!

Dear Exercise - I'll admit it's been easy to make excuses this week to avoid you...but I'm glad for the days I haven't given into the excuses.

Dear Music Teacher from Somewhere Else in Missouri - I am glad I found your blog. (And a bunch of other great teacher blogs from Pinterest too!) But I was even more glad when I watched a video you posted of your older students, and two girls at the front of the class kept making faces and weird gestures on camera. It helped me realize that, even really experienced teachers have squirrelly kids! :)

Dear Beatrice - It's just under a year 'til you and I become permanent friends. We've been road tripping together for almost five years now, but I've been working hard to pay you off for three of those years...and I'm about to start on the last year's payments next week! Eleven more to go, and I'll be a car owner!!

Dear Sports - I wish I understood you! lol But for now I'll just settle for nodding my head and smiling when other people talk about you and being ok with the fact that I may never be a true sports fan...ha

Dear Hockey - On that note - I feel like I have a secret inner-hockey fan inside me waiting to come out! :) I once got to go to a minor league game with my brothers and cousins in high school, and I was hooked. The guys got in a fight on the ice, and I thought it was so cool. I've wanted to go to another game ever since then. I just might go one of these days...and you might be the first and only sport I've ever tried to understand and like!

Dear Kids - I meant what I said today about choosing your attitude. Sometimes I'm not very good at that. But - I try my best. When I am doing something or going somewhere I'd rather not be, I still have to be there, so I figure there are only two there and be miserable and negative the whole time, or be there and choose to have a good attitude so the time hopefully goes by in a quicker and better way. I wish I could make you all love music, and I wish I were better at planning lessons for the upper grades - I am still learning/working on that part. But....attitude is a big part of everything in life, and so are choices about how your attitude affects you and others. You are the only one with the power to choose what that will look like.

Dear Grad School - We're doing ok together. You've been a little overwhelming this semester, but at the same time, I've learned to pick and choose what I stress over, and to realize in eight weeks, I'll have completed my first 9 hours of graduate credit ever....and it will be paid for in full! One more payment left this semester!

Dear Appetite - Why are you so weird this week? And so BAD? I'm thinking it's not a healthy thing to crave chocolate every day and only eat crackers, cheese, and hummus for dinner. Weird, huh? And yes - I've given into the chocolate cravings too. I even bought the super chocolatey milk at the store and drank it all too...yikes!

Dear - Jogging (super slow) - I've missed you a lot since my Cross Country days, and my college afternoons...I've wanted to start again for a long time but have been afraid to hurt my knees. But - I think I've decided a gradual and careful reintroduction won't be so bad...Here's to the 1 mile I've been running every couple of days over the past week!

Dear Teaching License - I just got the paperwork yesterday to apply super real, permanent certificate! I will have completed the four initial years of teaching, and will have a certificate to last for 99 more years. It's good to know that I'm good to go until I'm 126 years old! :) (P.S. - I can't believe it's ALREADY been four years!)

Dear Friendship - You are such a good thing, and a good place to be. I'm thankful God has given me so many friendships here and far away, new, and long-lasting. I am thankful for friends who make me laugh, friends I can talk to, honest friends, Christian friends, encouraging friends, chocolate-sharing friends, and that feeling of knowing friendship with a person is meant to be.

Dear Piano Rock - Who knew?! I'm excited to have a friend this year who has introduced me to a whole new genre of music I never really noticed or thought about before! I think I could listen to you all've been trying to practice piano a little more - maybe this will be motivation for me to practice ALL the time and become a piano rock star! :) (After I become a girl rock star drummer first, of course!)

Dear Heart - God has been working and changing you a lot over the past year. I'm amazed every day at how differently I see and think about things than I did before. I still have such a desire and a passion to serve others and do mission work...but I feel like God is giving me such purpose here right now. When I think about the 550 kids I get to teach and talk to every day...I pray often that, even though I can't always talk openly about my faith, they will see that in my actions and words. I think it is so important to be respectful to them and not to lose my temper or yell...I am also learning how inconsistent and difficult many of their lives are - even more than I can even imagine. So - I am thankful God has opened my eyes to a mission field here...and so excited to be a part of it every day!

Dear Fun Spring/Summer Dresses - I love looking at you when I'm online and seeing you in the stores. It makes me wish Summer were here already and has me longing for Friday nights at the Muny in St. Louis with friends! It's so fun to dress up and go somewhere exciting!

Dear Friday/Saturday - I sure am glad Friday is almost here! And I sure am glad that means I get to sleep in on Saturday! It's been a long week coming back from Spring Break!

Dear Germany - You are still so far away, and my parents are too. I miss them a lot! But, I'm thankful for phone conversations and e-mail!

Dear Singleness - Sometimes it's hard to be single at this time in my life. I always thought I would graduate high school, go to college, get married, then start work and a family. That's how it works, right? Ummm...guess not. At least not for me. But I'm learning to be thankful for this time. I'm seeing that God has given me a lot of opportunities to watch and learn from other couples, parents, and families. He has given me free time to enjoy just taking care of me and time to learn about my job, my passions and desires in life, and my ability to travel and enjoy time how I choose. I know one day I will look back on this time and miss it too, although I pray I will also be thankful for the next season in my life as it comes. So...being single isn't so bad. God knows. He's got a plan better than I could make, myself!

Dear Blue - You are totally still my favorite color! I love, love, love things in (most shades of) blue!

Dear Camera - I miss our time together. I've been taking way less pictures than usual lately, and I'm not really sure why. I'll have to fix that soon!

Dear Bright Neon Socks - You make me want to put on my tennis shoes with you and exercise with your bright fun-ness! :)

Dear St. Louis Teachers Recycle Center - You are one of the coolest stores I've ever found. What a great idea, and how fun for kids and teachers to come and see what "treasures" they can find and re-use. I'll be back again!

Dear Encouragement Cards - I've enjoyed so much, writing again lately! It's been too long since I've just made the time to sit down and do that. It has been really fun to surprise other people with little, unexpected notes during the week. I love looking for positive and encouraging things to share with them!

Dear Random Letters - I'm sure there are more that I will remember later, but for now, I guess it's good night to everyone who read them! I promise (hope) to write some more real blog posts again soon! :)

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