Saturday, March 3, 2012

Saturday Success...

Success for me on this Saturday morning (now turned afternoon...) is the fact that I got out of bed, even though my whole body was at that super tired, hit by a truck, type feeling...and going to exercise anyway! Even before I made coffee! lol And - I also need to add that if I had any doubt I love working out at Curves - it was gone this morning when I was able to go there with hair slightly (ok a little more than slightly) messy from sleep, and no make-up (not that I usually put on make-up just to work out, but still...) and know that no one there would even care. (I like that it is an all women's gym, big buff guys to impress today! haha) And sure enough - I walked in and Laura and Louise, two of my favorite ladies who work and exercise there, encouraged me with smiles and conversation as I gathered the motivation to make it around the machines in my super-sleepy, less than appealing appearance, Saturday morning state. Oh sweet Saturday success!

Saturday success also means that (after I got home and made my Saturday coffee!) I got to spend over a solid hour just sitting, praying, and reading my Bible. I would like to say that I spend this much time every day. Of course I want to. And of course I should. reality it doesn't happen that way. I am, however, doing a much better job at realizing the importance of starting every morning with prayer as I prepare for the day (even while I'm doing things I just talk to God...) and at least a short devotional or some verses to start my day. I know Bible study and prayer shouldn't be just something we "do" or "check off," but my point is - starting my day off with even a small portion is better than making no effort at all. I feel a lot less anxiety going into my day knowing that God is with me and He cares about every detail. Which leads me to the fact that I've been seeing God in little things a lot lately. And thanking Him for that. Sometimes I think I get so stuck in trying to see God in His provision for the big deals that I fail to see and thank Him for just helping me make it through that one hour at school, or a safe drive to work, or for the sunshine during bus duty, for a body that is healthy enough to exercise, for friends at work this year...and many other things that are part of each day. I love that God knows and cares for each of us, more than we will ever fully understand.

Saturday success is knowing that I made it through a long week with many challenges - and especially one that started off with a less than ideal situation. But again, God gave me the grace, peace of mind, and strength I needed to make it through that, and my week went on. But - thank goodness for weekends!

Saturday success is knowing that I am a seed planter and a waterer in sharing Him with others, but only God can "grow" the seeds that have been planted and watered in life. My role is to be open and willing to share Him with others however He calls me to do so. Whether through encouraging words and thoughts both written and spoken, prayer, an invitation to church, a word about how he has blessed me, service to someone else in need or enjoying helping "just because," and so many other ways. God doesn't always require a big speech, a preaching degree, or some other "loud" proclamation. He does use those things, and when He asks them of me, I pray I will be ready and open to how He will work through me in a "louder" way, but He also calls us to be ourselves. And my prayer is that each day I will seek Him in things both big and small, have a heart that is open and sensitive to how He wants me to show His joy and presence in my life, and that I will trust Him to do the "growing" part in others' lives. My Bible study this morning was about that, and oh how real and applicable it was to me. I'll write another post on that soon.

I pray you are having a blessed and joyful Saturday too!

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