Saturday, May 7, 2011

I Might Have Found My Prince Charming...

But I didn't kiss him and find out! You'll find HIS picture later in this post! haha

Today I am thankful for rest - with the chance to sleep in with no alarm clock! I love weekends when I don't have to be anywhere...To celebrate the seventh day of my birthday month, I took some pictures outside. Spring is finally here, and summer isn't too far away! 

Our sweet kitty, Sunshine, knows what Saturdays are for...she spent much of her day lounging on the porch in the sunshine! :) 

I took a minute to stop and admire this beautiful butterfly. I love the bright yellow in its wings and the accents of blue around its head. Isn't it amazing how unique and wonderful God has created things in nature? And he cares even more about us as His children! Of course the butterfly is an excellent reminder of the new life we find in Christ after leaving our old life (like the caterpillar who grows into the butterfly...) I'm glad a friend reminded me of that this weekend too! 

And finally...I couldn't leave this one out. This guy was a little less beautiful than the butterfly. And I have to admit - it did freak me out a little to be so close to him. mom insisted we take a picture. Then I decided that since we were already taking his picture anyway...maybe today would be the day my fairy tale comes true - and, well........

It didn't quite work this time. Oh well! (Maybe it had something to do with the fact that I didn't actually kiss the frog?! haha Ewwww!) I'm sure my prince charming is out there somewhere! 

Yesterday for my birthday celebration, I drove the long way home with the windows down and turned the radio up extra loud so I could sing, sing, sing! :) Yesterday I was thankful for Fridays! And Thursday, I think I forgot to post much going on this week at school! I was thankful for wonderful co-workers, and I celebrated by picking out my birthday gift that I "don't know about" at Wal-Mart with my mom. :) But the pictures of that will have to wait until I unwrap it and see my not so surprising surprise on my birthday! 

Happy Weekend, everyone! 

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