Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Summer News!

There is so much to write about right now...lots going on with the end of school and life in general, but for now, I'm excited to say I'll be working HERE this summer! God is SO good...I applied earlier in the Spring thinking the dates would probably not work out since I am pretty booked until mid-June. I didn't hear from them, so I assumed it was because they realized I couldn't come the whole summer. I prayed so much, with a HUGE desire to go, asking God that if I was supposed to be there, the dates would somehow work out. Then I got a message last week to set up a phone interview - had the interview Friday, and received my job offer today!! The training and job start June 20th, the week AFTER my last summer training at school! And I finish July 30th, which means I'll have a little time to get ready for the new school year too. I am so excited about the chance to work at a camp, fellowship with other young adult Christians, and be a part of a children's ministry even through the summer! I will be helping with preschool childcare for parents while they are at conferences there. I will live in a dorm and be put in a small group to meet and have Bible study and accountability every week. Most of all I am excited for the fellowship of Christian friends I have been missing out on so much lately...I am truly thankful to God for this opportunity! 

Ridgecrest Camp is in the Blue Ridge Mountains of North Carolina....sooooo pretty!

Here is the small chapel on the campus - also beautiful, and where a wonderful college friend of mine got married after working there for the summer. (She met her husband at Ridgecrest, so hey - maybe that will be an added bonus! lol Just kidding!)


  1. congrats and i'm sure you will do great work there!! :)

  2. How exciting! What a great way to spend your summer...and I'll be praying for the husband part ;)