Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Just a few funny quotes to help me remember...

"You just need some Oxiclean, Ms. Whitaker!" - A Kindergartener noticing the wet spot on my shirt after I spilled yogurt on it at lunch...he is always so expressive when he talks, and it was funny how specific he was on insisting I use "Oxiclean" and in an infomercial-enthusiastic voice! :)

While singing a Kindergarten program song "I Can't Spell Hippopotamus" where the kids spell different words - cat, hat, mat, etc...but then sing about how they just can't spell hippopotamus..."I can spell cat, c-a-t, I can spell beautiful music teacher..." I always get a boost of self esteem from those kiddos!

Oh man - as usual I KNOW there was another one...I was trying so hard to keep it in my memory on the way home tonight, but maybe I'll remember it soon!

Today was officially my last day of teaching for the year. Tomorrow the kids go half a day, but there are no specials classes, so I'll get to clean, organize, and check out! I feel like I survived so much more than even my first year of teaching this year. It has been a challenge, a learning experience, good, bad, hard, fun, sad, and much much more. Here's to summer vacation!

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