Monday, May 16, 2011

My Rose...

I got the most beautiful long-stemmed white rose from a first grade girl last week, and it looked SO lovely on my desk...until she asked to have it back! lol That morning she and four other girls came rushing down he hallway urgently and said they'd been searching for me but hadn't found me in my office. I was wondering what might be so urgent when one little girl handed me the beautiful flower in the picture above. They were all so proud to be with her when she gave it to me, and I was thankful and honored she had thought of me to give it to, out of all the other people she could have chosen. 

I carefully put it into a water bottle and placed it on my desk where I could enjoy it all day. She had no idea how full my heart was from her love and choice to share. But, to every story there is a funny side! And...when she came for music class that afternoon, just as I was getting ready to thank her again, she said, "Ms. Whitaker.....I'm really sorry, but............I need my rose back." LOL Thinking in my mind that she may have "borrowed" it from some where and needed to put it back, I agreed and assured her it was ok. Then I asked her why she needed to take it back and she said, "Well, I just saw one of my old teachers I haven't seen in a REALLY long time, and I really want to give it to her. I'm sorry..." I have to admit, it was a little sad, but I was glad I had taken a picture of it that morning so I have the memory! And I think sometimes we can learn from our kiddos - while they don't usually understand it's not polite to take back a gift, she was choosing to share the joy with more than one person. I got to enjoy the beautiful rose for the morning, and another teacher got to enjoy it after that. I was happy she shared the joy, plus...she did pick me first! :) haha Oh well - another teacher memory to put in the books! 

I also received this little flower from one of my second grade boys the same morning. He had picked two or three, so it was nice of him to share with me too! 

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