Sunday, May 1, 2011


"Students want to know how much you care, before they care how much you know."

I am thankful for this quote our principal shared in our weekly e-mail today. I have struggled more than ever this year with feeling like I'm not "doing all I'm supposed to" in my job. I try hard to teach everything I can and meet the standards. I try hard to make it through all the common assessment benchmarks with the kids and record the data. I know they aren't learning everything they could from another music teacher.

But...I care about them. So much. I love to talk to them. I love that all 540 of them come through my classroom every week. I love knowing who they are and their smiles and their hugs. I love seeing them succeed in all kinds of different ways, whether it is in school or out. I love finding ways to make music fun or different for them and not doing things the same way every day. And I always tell them if they are bored, I probably am too, so we need to change something...

I think they know I care. And when it comes down to it, I agree so fully with that statement. To me, I can try and try and try to feel successful at teaching. But at the end of the day, if I've shown my kids how much they matter to me...I've been successful. I so needed to read that today and to know it was shared by the administrator who leads us.

Today I'm also thankful for the opportunity to care for 540 K-6 kiddos each day.

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