Monday, May 2, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week...

I don't think I ever really knew about this week until I was in high school. That was when I was in Student Council, and we started getting out of class to make and deliver gifts to the teachers! :) And who doesn't love a week-long reason to get out of class-time in high school? Ok, so I really did appreciate the teachers we were honoring...I still do! I have some teachers who will forever hold a place in my heart for the influence they were in my life.

But...I still forget about the week until I see it in an e-mail every year and the PTO begins giving special gifts and treats to the teachers in our building. It's still weird for me to think...oh yeah - I'm being honored now! I really do have a career, and I'm a grown-up, and I have my own classroom, and I teach students every day! Not that it takes a week of recognition to know these things, but it's just a funny feeling - I feel like I should still be the one making cards and baking cookies! :)

Today is Birthday Celebration #2. I'm writing a couple of cards to friends who have been on my heart, and I've thought about but haven't made the time to write to. I think I did this last year too...I need some new fun and creative ideas too! Suggestions?

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